Coffee? Cookies? How About Both!

I found this AMAZING  Coffee Sugar Cookie recipe at I Am Bakers blog  and I topped them with her yummy (and eggless!) royal icing. I made them once already to take to a tea party at Alix’s apartment and now, my MOPS group gets a taste! I’ve been baking them up ALL day!

I kid you not! These cookies have coffee grounds in them and are oh so delish! However if you make them without a cutter (like I did) they kinda look like chicken nuggets.

See what I mean. But they look SO beautiful topped with icing. I made them with blue a few weeks ago and now in pink!

See. MUCH better! I must admit these taste like a cup of coffee with a sugar cookie dunked in it!

These are, in one simple word,

Thank you for the wonderful recipe. One set of friends already think they are delish, and hopefully a MOPS group will think the same! Check out all of her yummy looking goodness here. I will be making more of her yummy treats!