One of my dear MOPS friends had her baby the other day. Congrats Kaela! Your are a beautiful mama! Your newest son is adorable and I can’t wait to see him in person!

Kaela and Carson


Agony at 10pm

At the moment, I almost wish I hadn’t posted the blog I did earlier. Go figure, I post a blog about how my contractions always stop at noon, only for them to get closer and stronger as the day goes on. If that is all it needed, I would have done that days ago!!!!

At the moment my contractions are 5 to 8 minutes apart, and 35 to 50 seconds long. I’m starting to think my dad was right on the day. At this rate, Alyssa should be here on the 29th.  I think she’s going to be a grandpa’s little girl!

Playing the waiting game….

Still Waiting. Alyssa has decided on many ocassions over this past week that she was ready to make her appearance into the world. Only to decide that she wanted to stay in her comfy little bubble EVERY single time.

Everyday since the 22nd had started the same. Wake up with TONS of pressure, start to get some mild contraction, contractions get a little worse, Contractions stop at noon, live the rest of the day with a ton of pressure (still) and hopefully another contraction or two.

I’m starting to think that she is going to stay in there forever! I know the longer she is in there the better it is for her, but I’m getting tired of the same thing happening everyday. I get my hopes up when the contractions start to get worse and then nothing.

By the way, the same thing is happening right now!!!!

I hope I’m getting close

Since the shower on Saturday, I’ve had about 6 decent contractions a day, more lower back pain, and more pressure on my cervix. The good news is that I don’t need hooked up to an IV for antibiotics during labor. My group B strep test came back negative!!!!!

As for the nesting, everything in the nursery is ready to go, my bag is mostly packed and the diaper bad is mostly packed. I just need to clean a little more of the house and get some last minute baby stuff.

Recent happenings

Ben and I started our childbirth class a week ago. Not bad, but EVERY time we leave, we end up laughing our heads off the second we get to the car. It’s the teacher. She screams “I’m from Boulder and a bit of a hippy.” The first class, she was teaching us meditation and yoga breathing because “it is a life saver during early labor.” At least she’s a registered OB nurse at the hospital.

It’s not all bad. She is teaching a lot on natural, unmedicated births. Good news for me! I feel a little dumb leaning over an excersise ball in class, and moving around pretending that I have a baby dropping ever so slowly into my hips, but it will come in handy soon. I actually want to go get one of those balls now because I found it helps with the pressure on my hips.

As for the baby, She is doing great. I noticed last night that it was starting to get a bit easier to breathe. This morning I noticed that my belly seemed lower than it usually is. I can normally see the top of my belly button when I’m standing, now I can’t. If I go by what the teacher of the class says, I should only have about three more weeks since I’m dropping already!!!!

I think I know why

Throughout this pregnancy I have had HORRIBLE morining sickness. I think I finally know why. When my mom was pregnate with me, I made her sick all the time. This has to be revenge. I can find nothing else to explain it!!!!!

Jeanie also asked me if there was a significance to April 22nd. No significance. I just have a gut feeling that will be the day I go into labor. Any other guesses? I kinda want to see if anyone can guess when I will have her, mainly because my mom guessed that it was going to be a girl from day one.

Get Guessing!!!!!!

Baby update (again)

I went in for my 32 week appointment today. Baby is doing great! She is measuring where she is supposed to be for once. As for me, I’m still a “finger tip” dialated and about 50% thinned out. A little scary still but about the same as what I was at the hospital on Saturday.

I was told to expect to deliver a bit early because of the whole dialating thing. I have a gut feeling I’ll have her on April 22nd instead of my due date of May 3rd.

What do you think?

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