Christmas Time Is Here!

On the 10th we took my parents to the Longmont Lights Parade on Main St. Alyssa loved it and Ben about froze.

I think Ben looks like a turtle!


She’s 3!

Happy Birthday sweetheart! We love you!

Images: Alyssa minutes after birth April 2008, Alyssa hunting for eggs April 2011.

We’d Love You Forever!

Ben, along with the rest of Antherium are in an online Battle of the Bands. If they are in the top 100 bands when voting closes they will get the chance to play at Warped 2011 here in Denver. Is there any better place for a Christian band to get their message out? I think not!

As of now they are on page 6 rankes at #92

They need all the votes they can get to stay in the top 100, and to move up the ranks! The guys would love you forever if you voted for them everyday! I have!

You can find them here:  Battle of the Bands-Antherium

It’s Official!!!

Alyssa is walking!!!!!!!! She found her bravery yesterday and started zooming around the living room ON HER OWN!!!!!!!!!!


My Mom and Dad (Ben’s parents) JUST got into town!!!!!!! I get to go see them tonight!!!!

~I’m not excited at all!!!~

Just Some Cabining (LOL) Pics

We went to the family cabin with my Mom, Dad, Steven, Aisling and Roddy. Here are my favorite pics from the trip.

Cabin 09 004

Cabin 09 012   Cabin 09 008 

Cabin 09 020 

Cabin 09 021  Cabin 09 024

Cabin 09 029

Cabin 09 030  Cabin 09 031

She Did It! She Did it!!!

Alyssa just took 3 steps all by herself before she fell!! I’m so excited and happy for her!

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