Something Fun

I’ve become a big Pintrester lately. So when I found a pin for a duvet cover fort, I had to try it. Only one issue though. I don’t have a duvet cover. Boo. Enter craftiness.

bubble fort outside

We did it! It’s a king side fitted sheet, a box fan, and a rock for each corner to hold it down. Just put the sheet where you want, put a rock into each corner to keep it down, add a fan, and go!

exploring for the first time

The girl thinks it’s cool. Or maybe awesome when toys are involved.

m&ms and toys!

I had to sneak pictures. She didn’t want me in there.

Made it her own

She says “MOM! GO AWAY!”


3 Big Things You May Have Missed

So it’s been a crazy year so far, but these have been the 3 biggest things to happen so far.

We moved. Again. For what feels like the millionth time in 5 years.

Okay, it’s move #4 for our family, #5 for me, since we got married. I may be counting a 2 week stay with my parents as one move though. We were living in Ben’s grandmother’s house for the last 2 years or so. She decided it was time to sell it, so out we went. Luckily for us it happened at the perfect time. Part of it if will be explained in a bit, but mainly because it is MUCH cheaper here than it was in Longmont. Ben would carpool with my brother to work. As much as we dislike apartment life, we are ok with it for now. We at least found a nice one not too far from my family.

Ben got the job!

Yep. That job we took a chance on came through!!!!!! All this happened in July and I’m still thrilled! Ben applied just hoping that he might get it. We thought maybe, but everything he applied for always fell through. Even when he was told that he was one of 2 candidates they were looking at for the position, we tried to not get our hopes up too much. A few days before our big move he got the call. He got it!! They needed him so quickly that a week later he started making the daily RTD trek downtown. He may get to take a business trip to Germany soon, and one to Ohio in a few weeks. He loves the job so far, and we are no longer struggling to stay afloat.

I got a job.

Kinda. I started babysitting a friend’s son during the week. Sometimes it drives me nuts, but Ally is enjoying having someone to play with. If you can’t get a hold of me, that’s probably why.

An Experiment

I’ve been browsing Pinterest a lot lately and I came across a post for a homemade facial cleanser.  I’ve been trying to get rid of a lot of the chemicals in the house so naturally I’ve been looking for beauty products. All I could think was “SWEET but I might have to change it a bit.” You see, I have normal skin and the recipe was for dry skin so there was going to be a problem there. So today I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. Here’s my altered version for normal skin.

Oil facial cleanser:  equal parts of castor oil and grape seed oil, plus a few drops of essential oil (I used eucalyptus). Put into a sealable container and shake until combined. Pour onto a cotton ball, or wash cloth and rub onto your face until clean. rinse with warm water and wash off extra oil if desired.

That’s it. All oils, but it does an amazing job! I left the extra oil on my face for an hour so my skin could soak some of it in, then wiped my face with a wash cloth that has a very small amount of my favorite soap on it (One With Nature Dead Sea Mud Soap) just so my skin didn’t have that oily look for the pic that I’m posting. In the future I’m going to leave the oil on my skin overnight. My skin is so soft and doesn’t have that tight, dry feeling it can get with normal soaps.

Here’s the before:

and after:

My after kinda looks like it left a lot of makeup around my eyes, but that’s just the way they look. I’m getting good at covering my dark circles!

On a related note, I’ve always gotten really dry skin during the winter and lotions, even the ones with cocoa butter, have never helped. I went out on a limb this year and decided to try putting coconut oil on my skin twice a day. Not only does my skin look and feel amazing (never had that happen with store-bought lotions!) but I haven’t had a problem with dry flaky winter skin this year.

Christmas Time Is Here!

On the 10th we took my parents to the Longmont Lights Parade on Main St. Alyssa loved it and Ben about froze.

I think Ben looks like a turtle!

We’d Love You Forever!

Ben, along with the rest of Antherium are in an online Battle of the Bands. If they are in the top 100 bands when voting closes they will get the chance to play at Warped 2011 here in Denver. Is there any better place for a Christian band to get their message out? I think not!

As of now they are on page 6 rankes at #92

They need all the votes they can get to stay in the top 100, and to move up the ranks! The guys would love you forever if you voted for them everyday! I have!

You can find them here:  Battle of the Bands-Antherium

Oh The Dress!

We have a wedding to go to at the end of May, and as any woman knows, that means dress shopping. Something I hate to do because the cutest dresses are either too expensive or I can’t find one to fit me.

I had decided to sew one from a Vintage Vogue pattern. That is, until I discovered that it would cost me close to $100 for the pattern, the fabric and the closures. Not cool. I could buy one at Macy’s for that! Off I went to search for a cheaper pre-made dress. I had found one from Forever 21, but I still wanted to make my own! What’s a girl to do!

Now I have a few dresses I was going to donate. I loved the prints on them , but not so much the fit. Why donate when I can re-style them into something new!

Concept #1.

Sweetheart neckline, 2 inch wide halter strap, gathered bubble skirt, solid underskirt to add length. fabric would be from a black dress and a blue/white/black print dress. Total cost for me? Less than $10 for a zipper, thread and a ball point needle.

Concept #2

scoop neckline, A-line skirt, with a contrasting belt. Made from a black tank dress, and a green/black/yellow/grey print t-shirt dress. Total cost will be around $25, depending on the price of colored leather/other stiff fabric, belt closures, and thread.

I already know I’m going to make both, I just hae to wait for payday to get started. Hurry up Friday!

Adventures In Mommy Land: Oh My!

The goofyist this seem to happen while I get ready. Like today. I decided to try the classic “pin-up model” black eyeliner. AKA SUPER thick, and SUPER black. While I started on one eye, Alyssa comes in and begs me to put some on her. (known as the toddler “mama, me too” syndrome) I tell her no and she left the bathroom pouting. Little did I know she would come back 5 minutes later looking like this:

She found her own eyeliner. Even if it is red crayola marker. All over her eyes. You can’t see it, but the other eye has a few dots on the lid. She was so proud too, so she modeled her look for me.

I can stop laughing when I see this pictures! She was so mad when I cleaned her face off too.

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