Something Fun

I’ve become a big Pintrester lately. So when I found a pin for a duvet cover fort, I had to try it. Only one issue though. I don’t have a duvet cover. Boo. Enter craftiness.

bubble fort outside

We did it! It’s a king side fitted sheet, a box fan, and a rock for each corner to hold it down. Just put the sheet where you want, put a rock into each corner to keep it down, add a fan, and go!

exploring for the first time

The girl thinks it’s cool. Or maybe awesome when toys are involved.

m&ms and toys!

I had to sneak pictures. She didn’t want me in there.

Made it her own

She says “MOM! GO AWAY!”


She’s 3!

Happy Birthday sweetheart! We love you!

Images: Alyssa minutes after birth April 2008, Alyssa hunting for eggs April 2011.

Adventures In Mommy Land: Oh My!

The goofyist this seem to happen while I get ready. Like today. I decided to try the classic “pin-up model” black eyeliner. AKA SUPER thick, and SUPER black. While I started on one eye, Alyssa comes in and begs me to put some on her. (known as the toddler “mama, me too” syndrome) I tell her no and she left the bathroom pouting. Little did I know she would come back 5 minutes later looking like this:

She found her own eyeliner. Even if it is red crayola marker. All over her eyes. You can’t see it, but the other eye has a few dots on the lid. She was so proud too, so she modeled her look for me.

I can stop laughing when I see this pictures! She was so mad when I cleaned her face off too.

Too Bad

So I was going to be all Jeanie-like yesterday, and post pictures of my first tomato of the season. BUT right after I washed it, Alyssa decided to take it off the counter and eat it like it was an apple. I hope it as good. I was looking forward to making a BLT with it. 😦

I Almost Forgot This Was Here!

It’s been quite a few months around the Kesler home. Alyssa has been keeping me quite busy lately! So here’s whats been going down.

We’ve been painting the basement. At least the laundry room. We got to the point where we ran out of white pain for the ceiling and trim. We’ll finish eventually.

I’ve been cleaning! I know a shock huh! With Ally entering her toddler stage, all I do is clean up after her. We pick up all the toys and too seconds later I hear the crash of all the toys coming out of the box.

We’ve been sick. I caught a REALLY bad cold the day after I found out I was pregnant. Perfect timing. Nothing like coughing up a lung, and having a nose that either felt like a waterfall or like there was a cork up it, only to not be able to take anything for it. Ally got a smaller version a few days ago and by God’s grace all she got was the runny nose. Ben had the coughing too, but seems to be better WAY too fast.

I’m baking baby #2 or as I have been calling it, Baby B. Get it? As in Ally was Baby A, this… ah, nevermind. I’m due around October 25th. This is MY guess, as I have yet to go see my OB. Evidently the doctors in Longmont won’t see you until you are at least 10 week in, so for now we wait. I’ll be getting my first look at the little one on March 31st. I’m guessing that I’ll be showing by the time I go in at 10 week too. I had to go buy a maternity band so I could keep wearing my normal pants. I’ve been feeling great so far, albeit really tired, and I’ve had NO morning sickness! Alyssa is kinda excited, she keeps screaming baby into my belly when I walk around. Ben wants it to be a boy, badly! If anyone wants to add to the name pool go ahead, we’ve been told we have to name a boy after our friend Dan, and that if we pick Nathan we’ll be in BIG trouble. (This is out of our friend Dan’s mouth, Evidently if we name a boy after Ben’s friend Nathan, Dan will never speak to us again! HAHA)

I’ll try to write more often. I’m just a little spacy these days!

O Is For October

October is for moving.

We moved from our apartment into a rental house, but not until we spent WEEKS fixing the place up. Let me explain. The house we just moved into is Ben’s grandparent’s place. They use it as a rental to supplement their retirement. They dropped the price for us, and we fixed it up in return. I’ll post more on the house in another post, as I want to include a photo tour, and there are still boxes everywhere.

October is for leaves, and a LOT of them.

We had to rake the yard badly. You couldn’t see where the path in the back was anymore.  Alyssa and I had a hayday playing in them today.

Fall pics 001  Fall pics 003  Fall pics 005  Fall pics 007

Yes, the pile is that big. It comes up to my waist, and there is a second one about 6 feet away.

Fall pics 009  Fall pics 015  Fall pics 020  Fall pics 021  Fall pics 022 

Alyssa kept pointing to the trees and would say ” Uht OOOOO” (like she does every time she falls)

It’s Official!!!

Alyssa is walking!!!!!!!! She found her bravery yesterday and started zooming around the living room ON HER OWN!!!!!!!!!!

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