3 Big Things You May Have Missed

So it’s been a crazy year so far, but these have been the 3 biggest things to happen so far.

We moved. Again. For what feels like the millionth time in 5 years.

Okay, it’s move #4 for our family, #5 for me, since we got married. I may be counting a 2 week stay with my parents as one move though. We were living in Ben’s grandmother’s house for the last 2 years or so. She decided it was time to sell it, so out we went. Luckily for us it happened at the perfect time. Part of it if will be explained in a bit, but mainly because it is MUCH cheaper here than it was in Longmont. Ben would carpool with my brother to work. As much as we dislike apartment life, we are ok with it for now. We at least found a nice one not too far from my family.

Ben got the job!

Yep. That job we took a chance on came through!!!!!! All this happened in July and I’m still thrilled! Ben applied just hoping that he might get it. We thought maybe, but everything he applied for always fell through. Even when he was told that he was one of 2 candidates they were looking at for the position, we tried to not get our hopes up too much. A few days before our big move he got the call. He got it!! They needed him so quickly that a week later he started making the daily RTD trek downtown. He may get to take a business trip to Germany soon, and one to Ohio in a few weeks. He loves the job so far, and we are no longer struggling to stay afloat.

I got a job.

Kinda. I started babysitting a friend’s son during the week. Sometimes it drives me nuts, but Ally is enjoying having someone to play with. If you can’t get a hold of me, that’s probably why.


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