Guilty Pleasure? Yes, Please!

I’ll admit it. I have a guilty pleasure, although it’s not food like most would think (although I am known for stealing Alyssa’s Fruit Rollups!). It’s not sneaking away for a day without the kid, or even the occasional mani/pedi, seeing as I’ve never had one before. It’s even one that I bet no one would have expected me to have.

My weapon of choice?

I just LOVE looking through the hundreds of pages worth of designer clothes that are oh so gorgeous!  I was looking through the March 2011 issue with Lady Gaga  on the cover when I  came across several ads for Fendi. Then I saw this dress from the spring/summer 2011 Fendi Collection.

Simply AMAZING! Wrap around skirt, empire waist, tank under an almost strapless look. I like! I must find a way to recreate this dress. It’s begging for a DIY.

Anyone else have a guilty pleasure that no one knew about?

images: Vogue logo (google search), Fendi dress


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