Adventures In Mommy Land: Oh My!

The goofyist this seem to happen while I get ready. Like today. I decided to try the classic “pin-up model” black eyeliner. AKA SUPER thick, and SUPER black. While I started on one eye, Alyssa comes in and begs me to put some on her. (known as the toddler “mama, me too” syndrome) I tell her no and she left the bathroom pouting. Little did I know she would come back 5 minutes later looking like this:

She found her own eyeliner. Even if it is red crayola marker. All over her eyes. You can’t see it, but the other eye has a few dots on the lid. She was so proud too, so she modeled her look for me.

I can stop laughing when I see this pictures! She was so mad when I cleaned her face off too.


Too Bad

So I was going to be all Jeanie-like yesterday, and post pictures of my first tomato of the season. BUT right after I washed it, Alyssa decided to take it off the counter and eat it like it was an apple. I hope it as good. I was looking forward to making a BLT with it. 😦