I Almost Forgot This Was Here!

It’s been quite a few months around the Kesler home. Alyssa has been keeping me quite busy lately! So here’s whats been going down.

We’ve been painting the basement. At least the laundry room. We got to the point where we ran out of white pain for the ceiling and trim. We’ll finish eventually.

I’ve been cleaning! I know a shock huh! With Ally entering her toddler stage, all I do is clean up after her. We pick up all the toys and too seconds later I hear the crash of all the toys coming out of the box.

We’ve been sick. I caught a REALLY bad cold the day after I found out I was pregnant. Perfect timing. Nothing like coughing up a lung, and having a nose that either felt like a waterfall or like there was a cork up it, only to not be able to take anything for it. Ally got a smaller version a few days ago and by God’s grace all she got was the runny nose. Ben had the coughing too, but seems to be better WAY too fast.

I’m baking baby #2 or as I have been calling it, Baby B. Get it? As in Ally was Baby A, this… ah, nevermind. I’m due around October 25th. This is MY guess, as I have yet to go see my OB. Evidently the doctors in Longmont won’t see you until you are at least 10 week in, so for now we wait. I’ll be getting my first look at the little one on March 31st. I’m guessing that I’ll be showing by the time I go in at 10 week too. I had to go buy a maternity band so I could keep wearing my normal pants. I’ve been feeling great so far, albeit really tired, and I’ve had NO morning sickness! Alyssa is kinda excited, she keeps screaming baby into my belly when I walk around. Ben wants it to be a boy, badly! If anyone wants to add to the name pool go ahead, we’ve been told we have to name a boy after our friend Dan, and that if we pick Nathan we’ll be in BIG trouble. (This is out of our friend Dan’s mouth, Evidently if we name a boy after Ben’s friend Nathan, Dan will never speak to us again! HAHA)

I’ll try to write more often. I’m just a little spacy these days!


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