My Christmas Time

It truly is the most wonderful time of year. There is nothing like time with family and friends, all while stuffing ourselves with some of the best food known to man. My Christmas time  goes as such:

My Christmas is Christ.

The season is all about Him. His birth forever changed the world. I’ll keep Christ in my Christmas!


I recently acquired the Nativity I grew up with. I also found out that my Mom made it in 1987 before I was born. Talk about a keepsake I’ll always treasure. Thanks Mom!!

My Christmas is Decorated!

I don’t do a lot of decorating, but I still love a tree!

My Christmas is giving to my friends.

There is nothing like giving your friend a gift you just know they are going to love, which is exactly what I did this year. I gave my lovely friend Kaela a snowman mug, complete with coffee and hot cocoa, and one of the journals I made. I don’t think I’ll forget how excited she was when she opened it at MOPS last week.

My Christmas is all about Ally.

Alyssa helped me set up the tree this year. She was SO excited to help hang up the ornaments and sort out the tree branches.


She loves our tree. She sits under it and points to it saying “Twee, Twee!” all day long!

She loves her ornament. I got it for her for her first Christmas last year so we never forget how she used to put her arms above her head.

Her joy makes the season so much brighter.

pictured: The new to me nativity, our tree, some of the many gifts, Ally setting up the tree, Ally playing with the springy snowman, Alyssa’s ornament, Ally peeking at her presents.


My New Favorite Christmas Song

I heard this yesterday on the way to my Mom’s house. I LOVE it!