O Is For October

October is for moving.

We moved from our apartment into a rental house, but not until we spent WEEKS fixing the place up. Let me explain. The house we just moved into is Ben’s grandparent’s place. They use it as a rental to supplement their retirement. They dropped the price for us, and we fixed it up in return. I’ll post more on the house in another post, as I want to include a photo tour, and there are still boxes everywhere.

October is for leaves, and a LOT of them.

We had to rake the yard badly. You couldn’t see where the path in the back was anymore.  Alyssa and I had a hayday playing in them today.

Fall pics 001  Fall pics 003  Fall pics 005  Fall pics 007

Yes, the pile is that big. It comes up to my waist, and there is a second one about 6 feet away.

Fall pics 009  Fall pics 015  Fall pics 020  Fall pics 021  Fall pics 022 

Alyssa kept pointing to the trees and would say ” Uht OOOOO” (like she does every time she falls)