My Favorite Funny Guy

I’ve watched his comedy show on the ION worship channel. He is a clean, christian comedian. I introduce you to Jeff Allen!


My Poor Baby

Alyssa is having one heck of a week. Tuesday she got to play in the pool with a ton of friends, but Wednesday, she had a Dr appointment. 4 shots later we have one VERY angry baby. She was happy when her new Dr gave her a pink plastic squirrel to take home.

Now today started out great. We headed to the Berry Patch Farm to go pick some black raspberries and carrots. We even got a tractor ride around the farm! All was good until we went to pay for our fruit. Bethany noticed that Ally looked like she had been crying, hard. She never did. Alyssa’s eyes were really swollen, and her face was super red. She is ok now, but very cranky.

pics 027

You can see how her eyes are still a little swollen, but the Benadryl is helping.  Bethany is my savior today. If it hadn’t been for her, i would have been freaking out all the way home. She has her Peditrician ready and asked her how much Benadryl to give Alyssa and even got a list of things I need to look out for.  I couldn’t have asked for a better friend.


My Mom and Dad (Ben’s parents) JUST got into town!!!!!!! I get to go see them tonight!!!!

~I’m not excited at all!!!~