We Have A New Toy

I used to have a Hotsling for Alyssa when she was 2 months old to about November last year. We our grew it. So I figured the stroller would be enough.

Well, we are going camping (or cabining) this weekend and are going for a hike. The trail is rough and I doubt the all-terrain stroller would make it up, and if it does, neither Be, or I want to push it. I astarted looking at hiking backpacks, which we would use maybe 3 times a summer, or a wrap.

I decided on the wrap, which would take up less space. I narrowed it down with the help of a baby-wearing expert (no kidding it is an occupation) to 2. The Mei Tai Baby and the Moby Wrap. I had decided on the Mei Tai, until I thought, I should go look at some carriers in stores. I went to Maternal Instincts, which is a nursing/babywearing store here in Longmont, to look at some. They didn’t carry the Mei Tai’s but they had the Moby’s. Luck was on my side, as the owner happened to has one of each to let me try before I bought one!!! Turned out, the Mei Tai didn’t feel very secure. I could have sworn Alyssa was going to fall out th entire time I had it on. The Moby was amazing though!

My Lesson today. If you are looking for a wrap, go with a Moby. It may be huge, but it is very comfortable and very secure! I LOVE it and so does Alyssa. We plan on trying the back hold when Ben gets home. I can’t do it alone!

Wrap and me 002  Wrap and me 005


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mom
    Jun 23, 2009 @ 12:22:43

    Wow, you wasted no time on getting one. You were so lucky to have the owner help you out. It look comfy! Looking forward to the weekend with you, who knows maybe I’ll give it a try. xxxooo

  2. mom in CA
    Jun 24, 2009 @ 06:34:40

    She looks so cute. You guys have a wonderful time. I know you will. Just remember to tell everyone NOT to drink the water. Don’t want anyone going home with a tummy bug. We’re leaving CA around the 9th of July. Can hardly wait to see you guys. All my love, mom in CA

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