Alyssa Is One!

Alyssa is going to be one on Thurday. How did this year go by so fast? I could swear that I just brought her home, that she just learned to smile, or even that she just started crawling. The time just flew by. Now she is a babbling, 3 toothed (she just cut #3 today), starting to try to walk toddler. I miss my cuddly newborn!

We had her birthday party yesterday, and it turned out wonderfuly. My lovely friend Jeanie made the cakes (yes 2 of them. A butterfly for Ally and a stached cake for everyone else) and they were so cute I didn’t want to cut them. Kaela came ready with her camera to take some pics that I can’t wait to see.

dscf1441  dscf1445  dscf1450  dscf1452  dscf1454  dscf1455  dscf1462  dscf1463  dscf1465  dscf1467  dscf1473  dscf1478  dscf1487  dscf1496  dscf15051  dscf1511  dscf1516  dscf1526  dscf1527  dscf1538 

And because it was SO funny when we saw it. Alyssa put a bear in the subwoofer of my mom and dad’s stereo.


Happy Birthday Alyssa! Your Mama and Dada love you so much!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mom
    Apr 26, 2009 @ 17:40:36

    It was a wonderful party! I too can’t believe a year has gone by. Alyssa is growing so fast. Happy Birday my sweetie! Can’t wait tell your next birthday.

  2. J
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 11:41:51

    Awwwww…looks like she was the belle of her ball! Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl!

  3. Alix Margaret
    May 01, 2009 @ 19:10:21

    So sad I couldn’t make it! 😦

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