Alyssa Is One!

Alyssa is going to be one on Thurday. How did this year go by so fast? I could swear that I just brought her home, that she just learned to smile, or even that she just started crawling. The time just flew by. Now she is a babbling, 3 toothed (she just cut #3 today), starting to try to walk toddler. I miss my cuddly newborn!

We had her birthday party yesterday, and it turned out wonderfuly. My lovely friend Jeanie made the cakes (yes 2 of them. A butterfly for Ally and a stached cake for everyone else) and they were so cute I didn’t want to cut them. Kaela came ready with her camera to take some pics that I can’t wait to see.

dscf1441  dscf1445  dscf1450  dscf1452  dscf1454  dscf1455  dscf1462  dscf1463  dscf1465  dscf1467  dscf1473  dscf1478  dscf1487  dscf1496  dscf15051  dscf1511  dscf1516  dscf1526  dscf1527  dscf1538 

And because it was SO funny when we saw it. Alyssa put a bear in the subwoofer of my mom and dad’s stereo.


Happy Birthday Alyssa! Your Mama and Dada love you so much!


All I Can Say Is….. WOW!

I found this page through a post on CafeMOM. It’s the “Tackiest wedding of the Century”

I LOVE her earing/bellybutton ring set. I wonder where I can find one of those?

Uh, What A Bad Day.

We needed groceries and up here in Longmont, the rain wasn’t that bad. I go to Walmart, and everything goes well for once until I go to check out. Not only did I get into the slow lane, but the cashier didn’t know what she was doing. When my receipt went to print, the register asked for her to “insert document, press clear” meaning put a piece of paper into the printer and it will print a duplicate receipt. She kept telling me to rescan my card. Um…… NO! I’m not getting charged $300 twice. She calls a manager over to deal with me, only for the manager to look at her like she was an idiot and told her to put paper into printer.

I got out of the store, and the rain has started freezing into little ice balls, that hurt like hell as you are walking into them. I rushed and got Ally into her seat and the groceries into the car.

I get home and the glass hatch on my Rodeo decided it wanted to fall on my head while I was getting the bags out of the car. I have a HUGE knot on my forehead and a 1/4 long cut on the bridge of my nose right between my eyes. I took these about half an hour ago, the lump is a nice purple now.


The plus is that I bought Ted Dekker’s BoneMan’s Daughters today. I’m stoked to read it!

dscf1436   dscf1437