An Awesome Video And Some Ally Pics

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Ally has her first tooth and she has learned how to take her pnts off if they are a little loose on her!


I’m Off! Now With An Update!

After my mom was diagnosed with diabetes, I wanted to loose weight and start eating healthier. I’m slowly getting better at eating healthier, Ben isn’t helping me too much there. I’m trying though!

I’ve also bought The Biggest Loser Weightloss Yoga. My muscles are sore from just one work out. The last time I weighed myself I weighed around 180. I want to be around 130 (average weight for my height)

I want to get a jogging stroller so I can go out for jogs. I’ve tried with our umbrella stroller and I can’t et past walking ecause I keep kicking the stroller. So if you know where to get a cheap one, let me know!!!

Wish me luck!

So I went today (3/4/09) to look at joggers and I bought one. The cheapest and best constructed one I found was the Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain stroller.


I like it. I did just hand down a huge stroller to Anna Grace, and now I have another! HAHA!!! Joggers are so expensive. Most of the ones I found were well over $200, and everything around $100 were kinda cheap looking, or had fixed wheels. This was my best pick for $100 that wasn’t junky or not what I was looking for.