Happy Valentine’s Day!

A love story for you.

After giving up on finding a decent guy that was near me, I took my mom’s advice and went online. After having been on a dating site for 2 days I met Ben. We talked online for a week or so before we decided to meet in person. We met in a Starbucks and talked until the place closed, then decided to go midnight bowling. It was February 2nd, 2007.

Fast forward a week or so. Ben invited me to his apartment in Longmont for a 2 day late Valentine’s dinner. He made me Parmesan Chicken and pasta. The chicken was burned and the pasta way over cooked.

He gave me a teddy bear and a card. I still have them. See!


We saw each other as often as we could. On August 2, 6 months after we met, Ben took me to go see The Sound of Music at the Boulder Dinner Theater. After we went back to his apartment and he popped the question.

We set a wedding date of February 2nd, but moved it when we found out that Alyssa was on the way.

So on December 1st, 10 months after we met, we were married. 2 years after we met, we are still going strong. Loving life, each other and our daughter.

I can’t really write out emotions well, but I think you get the gist of our story.