Need Your Input!

I’m thinking of selling my handbound books. My question is, Would you buy one and how much would you pay? They cost me about $5 to make. I’m going to make them in other colors, at the moment I only have green fabric.



I’m Pooped.

I just cleaned the apartment from top to bottom and everywhere in between. Need I say that I am tired? I did make one realization while I was cleaning the bathroom.

I was listening to a cd that my lovely Kaela made for me. Trace Adkin’s Honky Tonk Badonkadonk came on and I realized it’s a country version of Sir Mixalot’s Baby Got Back. Then I remembered that my Dad asked a coworker at one point what a Honky Tonk Badonkadonk was. I laughed so hard I scared Alyssa! Listen for yourself!

What A Weekend!

Let me start by saying this weekend was a blast! Ben had a two and a half day weekend and decided he wants to make his own cheesy, spaceship computer game. Which had to involve me. He had me design a spaceship for it and then taught me how to make it on paint. Geeky, but oh so much fun! I think it looks good for a first attempt!

My spaceship!

I also did a few scrapbooking pages. My first ever 12 x 12 sheets!!


We also took a trip to Golden Ponds Park for a walk and I worked on a book I’m making for my Mystery Mom at MOPS. Sorry, no pics of it just yet! But here are a couple of Alyssa helping me with the book pages!


I Officially Have A Theme Song

It’s Lonestar’s Mr Mom. I LOVE it!!!

A New Trick And A New Place

Alyssa is using tables/chairs/walls/us/crib rail to stand up and can sit on her own. She also took her first trip to the park and liked it!

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If You Saw The Dark Knight…

This might be really funny! I was laughing so hard only because it is true in some parts of the movie!!!