Car Seats And Coats

As you can tell by now, I have been doing a lot of research on car seat safety and I want to become a car seat tech at some point. As I learn more, I will obviously share more. Here is what I have learned today.

When the weather gets cold, we reach for a coat. That’s a given. While the coat on a baby can keep them warm, it can also greatly impare the car seats ability to do it’s job. Here is why.

When you place a child with a coat on in their seat, you have to add some slack to the straps. When you re-tighten the straps, you can’t get them as tight as you could if there was no coat on. In an accident that slack can be deadly. The puffiness of the coat can compact and cause the baby to be ejected from their seat.

There are products out there designed top help. JJ Cole’s Bundle Me (baby and toddler) is one of those products, but it does the same thing as the coat. The back padding on it can compress. It also interferes with the way the straps are routed. Making the seat less safe.

Some of the better products out there are:

You can still use a coat if you pull the front of the coat (where the zipper is) through the harness and zip it up over the harness as soon as it is tight. The following video can give more insight.


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