One Year

One year.

A year of love.

A year of hardships.

A year of joy.

A year of pride.

A year of very little sleep.

Ben and I have been married for one year as of Monday. We have come a long way. From the blissful “nothing can knock us down” newlywed days to suddenly parents. Our world has turn upside down more than once since we met.

We now know how much hard work goes into a marriage and how amazing our love is. We don’t have the typical hierarchical marriage. We have learned to be as equals. We never look down on each other for something one of us has done. We never make a decision without talking it over first. We don’t fight over petty things. We do still get frustrated with each other, but we work it out quickly and never let the argument get heated.

While we didn’t get the chance to be married for a couple of years before we had Alyssa, we have learned to handle well. He stayed by my side throughout the entire labor and I watched Ben’s heart melt the first time he held his little girl. Ben understands that I can’t manage to keep the house clean and take care of Allie by myself. While I still do almost all of the baby stuff, He trys his hardest to help out.

I pray we keep going strong and we have a great marriage that others look to. That we become the best parents we can be over the years to come. I pray that Alyssa sees how happy Ben and I are and learns that a marriage should look like that. I pray that we take guidance from our parents and their marriages and we grow with them. Amen

Pictures: Ben and me just after our vows, the music video for the song we danced to (I still cry when I hear it!), My dad and I, My in-laws, my bridesmaids and me


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Oh No! She’s Crawling!

Kinda. Allie pulls her knees up under her butt and streches out to move now. Holy Cow she is FAST! One second she will by my feet, the next she is on the other side of the room. I think I may need to baby proof now.

Little Stinker!

So I was feeling a little under-the-weather yesterday and had Ben get some apple juice for me. He also got me a dark chocolate bar for me to “help me feel better.” I was sitting on the couch eating a couple of chunks of it this morning and I hear a giggle. Alyssa was in my lap the entire time, so I thought nothing of it, thats what she does. Well today, she kept giggling. I turned her to me and saw this!

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The stinker stole a chunk of my chocolate!!!! She was proud of herself and I felt dumb for not checking her when I hear the first giggle. I wanted to keep her away from candy until she was at least a year old. I guess she had other plans!

I Love This Song. It’s So Beautiful.