A Few Pics!


My Little Stinker!

So Alyssa now LOVES playing on the floor. Mainly because she can roll and scoot arpound. Thats right scoot, she can’t crawl yet! She puts her butt in the air and pushes with all her might on those little feet to lunge forward. She should be crawling soon though, she can pull herself up onto her hands and knees for a couple of seconds at a time! For now, we are getting the hang of watching her like a hawk! Just the other day we had her on the floor and one second she was in the middle of the blanket and the next she was under the kitchen table!

Her sitting is getting better now too! If you hold her hands she can pull herself into a sitting position. Next step sitting on her own!


A New Look

I took a look at my page today and the darkness of it made me feel a bit depressed. So I found a bright one!!!

Week One In The New Apartment

As of Sunday, we have been in our new apartment for a week. And a fun week it was.

First came finding out our toilet was clogged just minutes after my parents and brother left to go home. We have it fixed finally, but for that first couple of days, we had to plunge it with every flush.

Next came the setting up of our living room. We had to move the TV stand over 2 feet. Now this wouldn’t have been bad, but our TV is HUGE! It weighs a good 100 pounds. I have no upper body strength, and I was the only one to help move it. My back was sore for 4 days because of that TV. I am never moving it again.

Unpacking wasn’t too bad. We are nearly done now, but with the back being sore, I didn’t do any unpacking for a couple of days. We even had a chance to clean out some of our stuff.

We discovered last night that one our our kitchen cabinets was held on with one screw and 8 pennies. We fixed it when we caught it, but who “fixes” a cabinet with pennies?

Back In Thornton

Ben and I are staying at my parents house while we are waiting for our new apartment to open up. Try fitting 5 adults, a dog and a baby into a small 3 bedroom house. I’t hard, but fun!

The first week here has been pretty good. I got to have cabbage burgers for th first time in who knows how many years. They are one of my favorite foods from my childhood as well as my dads. (see his post about them here) Alyssa celebrated her 5 month old birthday on the 30th and I have been able to spend a lot of time with my mom.

It has been kinda wierd sleeping in my old bedroom again. We have a king size bed, a portable crib, a treadmill (my mom’s) and a small dresser all packed into this room. It’s a tight squeeze. I have to climb over Ben to get in and out of bed. It will make our new apartment seem all the nicer!