My Wish….

So Alyssa needs a new carseat soon. She has just under an inch and a half left until she hits the top of the seat, and by law I have to have her in a new seat when she hits an inch. I was looking at seats online again and while we are thinking we are going to get a GRACO ComfortSport (pictured here)

I would REALLY like to get one of these two. They are Britax Marathon and Decathlon. (pictured in that order)



My problem is that they run for $280 for the Marathon and $275 for the Decathlon. I want one because they are safrty tested to the EXTREME! They are tested the they extent that cars are, front, rear, and side impacts! The GRACO, not so much. I can dream can’t I?


I Won 2 Awards!


One is from my dad and the other is from my mom. My seven picks are:

My mom It makes me feel like I’m at home again

My dad Again I feel like I’m back at their house

Dave He’s got an amazing perspective on life

Jeanie She is like a 3rd mom to me

Jovan I love the pics of Averi. She is just too cute

Heather I love seeing what is going on in her neck of the woods

Anna Grace I love her look on life

Ok so these are the only 7 blogs I actually look at.

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