Stupid CDOT

So on my way home from my parents last night I had to drive through a construction zone. This zone goes from Highway 52 up past Highway 66. When I got to Highway 119 there was a sign sayin to expect some delays because one lane was closed at 66. I didn’t think anything of it. Highway 66 was the exit I needed. When I got closer to the exit traffic slowed to a crawl, which I expected. Then I saw a sigh saying that “All traffic must exit.” Ok, I needed the exit anyway. Turns out that the northbound highway 66 exit was COMPLETLY CLOSED!!!! No signs, no warnings at all. I though thats ok I know how to get home using the county roads. WRONG! No one was allowed onto 66 in either direction. I ended up back on I-25 again. I ended up getting off the highway at the next exit and got back on going south. This time there was a sign on the highway for the exit I needed. The only problem, traffic was routed off the highwayan the off ramp again. When I got to the top of the ramp there was the sign. “Exit Closed” What the heck!!!! Shouldn’t that have been a good half a mile back? By this point I’m ticked off, and Alyssa was screaming her head off. Back down to 119 I went. Back to southern end of town, with another 15 minutes to get home. I left my parents a little after nine. I got home at ten thirty. That drive is normally 45 minutes long.

CDOT officially sucks. When you close an offramp, you put signs up WAY before the ramp. Not at it, and you don’t let people figure it out alone. I’m not the only one that had to pull a u-turn last night. A good 6 cars and a semi followed me back down to 119 and into town. When I got home Alyssa was so mad I had problems feeding her and putting her down for the night. I was so urked that I wanted to scream my head off with her.

Note to self: Next time you see a “lane closed, expect delays” sign, get off the highway and go home another way.


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  1. Jeanie
    Jun 16, 2008 @ 10:43:53

    They’re government. Whadday gonna do? they don’t HAVE to be helpful.

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