New Tricks!!!

Alyssa is seven weeks old now and has developed some new tricks. She has her cute little smile (that I can never get a picture of), and she can lift her head a good six inches when she is on her belly (again, I can never get a picture of it!). My personal favorite is the fact that she can roll up onto her side now. I went to check on her the other day when she was sleeping and I found this!!!!

I’m so proud of her!!!!! Of course when I took the pic I got this right after.

Here is another for the fun of it!!!!

I love her!!!! What will she do next?


Oh the Fathers!!!

Let me say a few words about the fathers in my life.

My Dad

Lets just say that I am my fathers daughter. I get most of my personality and all of my clutzyness from him. He has done a lot for me over the years. He taught me a bit about cars by taking me to classic carshows. Because of that I still stare at a classic car when one drives by. He taught me to always look at the funny side of life. I don’t think I could have gotten through a lot of the difficulties I have been through with out that skill. I recieved his sense of humor and love for Mel Brooks. I also mannaged to recieve his skill of bleeding on every project I work on. He let me play with “boy” toys (so did my mom) like squirt guns and Nerf guns as a little kid. He taught me to never be afraid of goofing off a little. We still get into play fights every time I go over for a visit. He may keep ageing, but he will always be my Daddy and a kid at heart.


While he hasn’t been a father for long, he has become a great one. He  was excited and scared from the day he found out he was going to be a dad. He was there overjoyed when he found out the baby was a girl. He almost cried when he saw his daughter for the first time. He still has a look of awe and happiness on his face whenever he holds Alyssa. Although he still seems afraid that he is going to hurt Alyssa, he is slowly gaining confidence. He is such a great helper when Ally decides to stay up crying until one in the morning. I just wish I could get him to change more diapers.(he has only changed one since we brought her home!) I can’t wait to see the dad he becomes.

Stupid CDOT

So on my way home from my parents last night I had to drive through a construction zone. This zone goes from Highway 52 up past Highway 66. When I got to Highway 119 there was a sign sayin to expect some delays because one lane was closed at 66. I didn’t think anything of it. Highway 66 was the exit I needed. When I got closer to the exit traffic slowed to a crawl, which I expected. Then I saw a sigh saying that “All traffic must exit.” Ok, I needed the exit anyway. Turns out that the northbound highway 66 exit was COMPLETLY CLOSED!!!! No signs, no warnings at all. I though thats ok I know how to get home using the county roads. WRONG! No one was allowed onto 66 in either direction. I ended up back on I-25 again. I ended up getting off the highway at the next exit and got back on going south. This time there was a sign on the highway for the exit I needed. The only problem, traffic was routed off the highwayan the off ramp again. When I got to the top of the ramp there was the sign. “Exit Closed” What the heck!!!! Shouldn’t that have been a good half a mile back? By this point I’m ticked off, and Alyssa was screaming her head off. Back down to 119 I went. Back to southern end of town, with another 15 minutes to get home. I left my parents a little after nine. I got home at ten thirty. That drive is normally 45 minutes long.

CDOT officially sucks. When you close an offramp, you put signs up WAY before the ramp. Not at it, and you don’t let people figure it out alone. I’m not the only one that had to pull a u-turn last night. A good 6 cars and a semi followed me back down to 119 and into town. When I got home Alyssa was so mad I had problems feeding her and putting her down for the night. I was so urked that I wanted to scream my head off with her.

Note to self: Next time you see a “lane closed, expect delays” sign, get off the highway and go home another way.

~Adventures In Mommy Land~ Mastering the House

I think I have finally mastered the art of juggling a baby and cleaning the house. This past Saturday, Ben and I spent most of the day cleaning the house up. It was a disaster and I felt like I wasn’t doing my part as a stay at home wife. Ben keeps telling me otherwise, because I’m spending so much time with the baby, we have the right tho have a messy house.

The thing is, its easier for me to keep a clean house clean than it was to clean a dirty house. I still have some work to do. The bedroom is still a mess and so is the baby/computer room. But hey, I’m only one person! I can only clean so fast. I just wish I didn’t have to vaccuum everyday. I swear I vaccuum and not even ten minutes later there are clumps of dog fur on the floor again. I’ve tried to brush all of the loose hair off of the dog, but it just doesn’t seem to work.

This question comes to mind. What would the dog look like if I shaved all of his fur off?

Happy Birthday Mom!!

For those that don’t know, today is my mom’s birthday. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t tell you how old she is or when she was born, mainly bacause I can never remember. I’ll just go with Billy’s old answer. She’s 28 and will be for years to come.

She has had many roles over the years. Wife, mother, friend, and now grandma. Soon she will be able to add playmate once Alyssa is a bit bigger. She is my hero and my inspiration when it comes to being a mom. I do want to grow up to be like my mom. She’s the reason I became the person I am today.

I love you mom!! Here’s to being 28 for years to come!!!!

~Adventures in mommy land~ what I wish I had known before hand

What I wish I had known before I had kids:

~Morning sickness can strike anytime of the day.

~When you’re pregnant, your body becomes public property.

~Everyone will tell you about their children’s births.

~You will hear every horror labor story known to mankind.

~That labor is tougher than they make it look on TV.

~That epidurals don’t hurt when you are already in unbearable pain.

~The moment the baby is out, all you feel is pure joy, mainly because of the baby is finally in your arms, but also because the pain is finally gone.

~That when you are first learning to breastfeed, you realize that it feels REALLY weird.

~That milk can squirt, and it gets some really good distance.

~When you hear a baby cry, you automatically look to yours, even if the cry was on TV.

~You spend so much time holding and feeding the baby, you learn to do almost everything with one hand.

~You envy you husband for being able to sleep through the night.

~That strangers will freak out when you tell them that they can’t hold the baby.

~You are so tired that you wish the house could clean itself.

~You get strange looks when you breastfeed in public.

~That there is nothing like seeing your baby smile for the first time.

~That infomercials are really funny when you are half asleep feeding the baby.

~That you always smell a bit like sour milk, but you really don’t care.

~You have an adventure every time you leave the house.

~You finally understand why your mom is so great.

~It’s really hard to fit a stroller and yourself into a bathroom stall.

~That people who don’t have kids give you advice.

One month and growing strong

Alyssa is now a month old. She is getting bigger and stronger by the day. She is already lifting her head a good four inches when we are playing on the floor. She gazes in amazement ay her toy keys when they are danggled above her. We even get a toothless grin every once in a while.

With the good comes some bad though. She is a pain when it comes to going to bed at night. She’ll fall asleep around eight and decides to wake up the second her head hits the crib. She then proceeds to stay awake screaming her head off until about midnight. After that, she is usually so tired that she sleeps a good 4 and a half hour strech. I’m finally getting used to it.

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