What I’ve learned over this past week

Over this past week I have realized that being a mom demands way more than I thought.

Everyone told me that I would be tired and sore for a few weeks. Same with how it would breastfeeding would be a bit difficult at first. Everyone left out the extent of how tired/sore and frusterated I would be. Breastfeeding has gotten easier over the last week (YEA!) and the frusteration from getting the hang of it is going away. As for being tired, I feel like I haven’t slept in weeks, which makes me feel more sore than I really am.

I also have gone from having a baby in me to having a baby attached to me. I swear that Alyssa NEVER wants to be put down. Half of the naps during the day are spent on my chest. A while back there was  an ad on TV for some baby product where the mom would try to put the baby down only for the baby to start screaming. She’d pick the baby up and it would stop crying. Alyssa does that. I usually have to hold her for a good half hour after she falls asleep before I can put her down or else she screams. Need I saw that the couch and I have become really good friends this week.

This is a little off topic, but I thought it was funny. I actually had to go get more newborn size diapers for Alyssa. She is just so tiny that size one diapers are way too big on her. We’ll see how long they last.


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  1. Anna Grace
    May 09, 2008 @ 15:10:45

    And I totally don’t speak from experience, but I’ve heard lots of parents say that as exhausted and sore as you are, you’ll miss this time when Alyssa’s older. The time you have to sit and hold her while nursing or when she’s sleeping is a time you have to pray over your daughter and to relish the bond with her that God’s given you.

    So beautiful!

    May 10, 2008 @ 11:03:00

    What Anna Grace said? True.

    The thing people forget to say is: there is NOTHING else that matters – NOT “regaining” your life after pregnancy, NOT getting back into your skinny clothes, not even getting out to show her off. I think God keeps us exhausted so we’ll stay close (otherwise as the crazy Americans we are, we’d have the baby and just ignore them for our own interests). He wants us to lay around on the couch, holding our babies, whispering the sweet-nothings that will form and shape their lives into their ears.


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