~Adventures in mommy land~ The baby’s first tub bath

Several days ago Alyssa finally lost her cord stump. I figured this was a good time to give her a real bath.

It started out ok. She had just eaten and was in her calm happy place. I put her down and went to get all the washing tools. You know, the washcloths, towel, soap, ect. I filled up the tub with warm water and undressed Alyssa. I put her very slowly into the water, so I could see how she would react to it, and wet this terry cloth fish that keeps her warm while in the water. She didn’t seem to mind it at all. Then came the washcloth with the soap on it. I moves the fish to wash her, thinking that she would still be happy. I was wrong. She screamed the second the fish left her body. I washed her as quickly as I could, and pulled her out of the tub, only for the towel to fall off the counter. I set her back into the tub to fetch the towel and finally dried her off. She was still crying. After about five minutes of her frantically sucking on my finger, she finally fell asleep.

Mastering the bath  is going to be harder than I thought. Maybe if I’m lucky the next bath will be easier on me and more relaxing for Alyssa.



~Adventures in mommy land~ Cleaning the house

Before Alyssa was born cleaning the house was an hour long task on most days. It consisted of the usual vacuuming, doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom. You know. The normal stuff.

Cleaning is now an adventure in itself. Just yesterday I decided to take on this task. Alyssa was asleep so I did the dishes and made a pizza for Ben when he came home for lunch. After Ben left, Alyssa woke up. While I held her, I started to pull up the kitchen mat so I could mop the floor. That was when the maintance man showed up to put in a new AC, after two weeks of trying to cool the appartment down with the AC in our bedroom. When they left, I put Alyssas in the baby sling (an amazing invention. It’s a tube of fabric that folds in half so you can hold the baby hands free.) so I could mop finally. After mopping the floor, I went on to vacuum. By this time Alyssa was falling asleep in the sling, which I didn’t notice until I had finished vacuuming the living/dining room. I CAREFULLY took Alyssa out of the sling and put her in the pack-and play in the living room. I went and cleaned off the dining room table and went to do the same with the coffee table. Thats when Alyssa woke up again wanting to eat.

This is where my two hour “break” came in. I fed Alyssa, which usually takes about 40 minutes, and proceeded to rock her back to sleep. She wouldn’t have it. She was awake but content, so I tried to put her back down. Again, she wouldn’t have it. I ended up holding her until Ben came home from work.

I never did finish cleaning the rest of the appartment up. Something about cleaning the bathrooms while holding a baby in a sling just didn’t seem like a good idea. Maybe I’ll try to get those done when Alyssa goes back to sleep. (she just woke up after her extremely long half hour nap.)

Well, I’m off to play mommy again!

No more newborn!

Alyssa is offically out of newborn diapers!!!! She is still in newborn clothes, but some of the onesies are starting to get a little snug length wise. She’s also getting her chunky thighs and arms now too. No belly button yet, her cord stump is holding on for dear life! She is gaining more control of her neck now and LOVES to look around whenever she can!

My baby is getting so big already!

My man

Almost everyday this week, Ben would come home from work, give Alyssa and me a kiss and go play his guitar for a couple of hours. On Wednesday, I decided I was going to watch Because I Said So  while he was playing. About 20 minutes into it, he came out got something to drink and watched the movie with me.

I was in awe, but he made my day by watching a chick flick with me. God I love him!!!!

2 weeks: Diaper blowouts and lots of love

Today Alyssa is 2 weeks old. She had her 2 week checkup today as well. As of today she is 7lbs 4oz, 22 and 1/4 inches long, and has a head that is almost 13 inches around. She is getting baby chunk now too. She is eating well and even gave me her first diaper blowout today. I honestly prefer when she covers herself in spitup. Her clothes are easier to change that way, but what can I do?

As for the love part, I’ve learned that I don’t really care that I smell a bit like sour milk, or that I look like I haven’t slept in weeks (which is kinda true). I never knew that a love like that could exist.  

I’ve also got a funny story from today. I had fed Alyssa before the appointment, knowing we would be gone for an hour or so. Well, the appointment ran late and Alyssa got hungry. Her doctor, who breastfed her kids, told me to go ahead and feed her while she finished putting info into the computer. So I did. The doctor left to go to her next patient and left the little light on the door on so no one would come in while I finished feeding Alyssa. One of the nurses didn’t see the light on. She walked in and turned BRIGHT RED. She started apologizing over and over again until she walked out of the room. I was covered the entire time, so she didn’t even see anything. I couldn’t help but laugh after she left.

I had to post more pics. I’m a proud mama and had to show off the baby.


Pictures from Mother’s Day 2008

Happy she is healthy

I heard from my friend Jordanna last night that she had her little boy. Wyatt was born on May 2nd, three months early, by an Emergency C-section. Both mom and baby are doing fine, bot Wyatt will be in the NICU for quite a while. Please pray for Jordanna, Greg (the father), and Baby Wyatt.

Just hearing that news makes me want to cry. I look at Alyssa and I thank God that she is healthy. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like to not get to hold your baby, or to not know for sure if they are going to make it.

Lord, Please protect little Wyatt. Keep him strong and thriving. Show Jordanna and Greg that You are there protecting their little baby. Let them know that You will take care of them, and provide for them. Keep their family strong as they go through this difficult time, and keep them safe and healthy. Amen

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