Recent happenings

Ben and I started our childbirth class a week ago. Not bad, but EVERY time we leave, we end up laughing our heads off the second we get to the car. It’s the teacher. She screams “I’m from Boulder and a bit of a hippy.” The first class, she was teaching us meditation and yoga breathing because “it is a life saver during early labor.” At least she’s a registered OB nurse at the hospital.

It’s not all bad. She is teaching a lot on natural, unmedicated births. Good news for me! I feel a little dumb leaning over an excersise ball in class, and moving around pretending that I have a baby dropping ever so slowly into my hips, but it will come in handy soon. I actually want to go get one of those balls now because I found it helps with the pressure on my hips.

As for the baby, She is doing great. I noticed last night that it was starting to get a bit easier to breathe. This morning I noticed that my belly seemed lower than it usually is. I can normally see the top of my belly button when I’m standing, now I can’t. If I go by what the teacher of the class says, I should only have about three more weeks since I’m dropping already!!!!


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